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This is the videos section where you can entertain yourself a bit.
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- videos that I created myself
- videos of my team in which I took part
- collaborations between random players or some friends
- pretty anything that doesn't fit in any of the other categories
- machinima, themed videos, nothing based on stunting

Below you can find the videos that I consider my best.


Release date: 17 March 2008

After a while of stunting inactivity, and kinda retired from this stuff, I decided to put my best pieces together. I'm so glad that Daffy wanted to edit this "best-of" video for me, his godlike Vegas skills turned this into a masterpiece.
Stunts taken from: Destination, Titans, Illusions, Out of Reach, As One Again.

Editing: Daffy.
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Release date: 25 August 2006

The second crew collaboration featuring Twisted Metal Stunters and Xtreme Stunting Alliance, As One Again (or AOA) turned out to be an even bigger success than the previous video, As One.

With Tackleberry's editing skills, my SCM scripting knowledge and some of the greatest GTA talents in stunting, this is a must watch for everyone.

TMS: Brainkiller, ExPlosion, Falcon, Fugitive, Juan, Kert, Sadness, Tackleberry, Turtle Dick
XSA: Corevil, Liviu, NuclearDeath, Ostis, RAD, Sweet
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